Developmentally Appropriate

Developmentally Appropriate

A term that refers to age appro­pri­ate­ness or indi­vid­ual appropriateness.

Devel­op­men­tally appro­pri­ate refers to age appro­pri­ate­ness, among chil­dren from birth to age eight, based on the uni­ver­sal and pre­dictable pat­terns of growth and devel­op­ment. It also refers to indi­vid­ual appro­pri­ate­ness based on each child’s rates and pat­terns of phys­i­cal or motor, cog­ni­tive, psy­choso­cial, lan­guage and lit­er­acy, per­son­al­ity, fam­ily and cul­tural devel­op­ment, and learn­ing style.


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