Children Need Books

Children Need Books

Give your child flap books, books with pho­tographs, count­ing books and story books. She’ll inter­act with books nat­u­rally when she starts rec­og­niz­ing pic­tures and words, and enjoy inter­act­ing phys­i­cally with books and the power of stories.

The books that help you the most are those which make you think the most.” ~ Theodore Parker

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Your baby will greet each new day or sit­u­a­tion as some­thing to be explored and enjoyed. She’ll spend con­sid­er­able time explor­ing new objects and achiev­ing goals. Con­sider this as an oppor­tu­nity to intro­duce sto­ries, rhymes, songs and books. Give her flap books, books with pho­tographs of babies, count­ing books and story books. She’ll inter­act with books nat­u­rally when she sees peo­ple around her read­ing books, papers and news­pa­pers. She may choose to hold books upside down, turn them over and over, or sim­ply explore pic­tures. She’ll even­tu­ally learn to sort out the ori­en­ta­tion of books and hold it like a reader.

Rec­og­niz­ing pic­tures and words

She’ll soon tune into words and phrases that she rec­og­nizes. Remem­ber that babies use con­text to under­stand mean­ing. She’ll make lit­tle noises to indi­cate recog­ni­tion. Acknowl­edge her learn­ing, for exam­ple, when she makes a sound on see­ing a cow and looks at you by say­ing some­thing like: “Yes, it’s a cow, Moo!” She’ll want to name things that she’s not famil­iar with and with greater famil­iar­ity she’ll learn to clas­sify them.

Books as toys

She’ll use books for dif­fer­ent pur­poses. She may enjoy inter­act­ing phys­i­cally with books, turn­ing flaps, or be glee on some action such as birds being revealed by lift­ing a small piece of ribbon.

Power of stories

She’ll soon lis­ten raptly to words and pay atten­tion to sto­ries. She’ll seek to explore themes through com­plex lan­guage and vivid illus­tra­tions in books. She’ll develop a pos­i­tive ori­en­ta­tion to lit­er­acy by play and exploration.


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